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The Great Benefits of
Organic Worm Castings....

Organic and Odor Free
Will Not Burn
Beneficial Bacteria and Microbes
High availability of Nutrients
& Minerals

What is "Castaway Soil Enhancer" and how can it benefit my plants?

This is a great question and one we have been asked many times. The simple answer is that a castaway comes from worms. Our organic worm castings give numerous benefits to your plants. To learn more go to our Products Page.

Castaway Soil Enhancer is one of the most complete soil amendments available. Worm castings will help to aerate the soil, create root space, increase the presence of beneficial microbes, and allow easy access to micronutrients that plants need. Many scientific studies have demonstrated the use of worm castings in decreasing fungus and pests in food and flower crops.


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How do I use my "Castaway Soil Enhancer?"

There are so many ways to use your Castaway Soil Enhancers. Here are just a few of the ways you can use this product:

Vegetables and Annual Plants
Perennials - new and established

Potting Mix
Potted Plants - established
Roses, Trees, Shrubs, or Berries - new and established
Lawns - new and established
Compost Piles