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The Great Benefits of
Organic Worm Castings....

Organic and Odor Free
Will Not Burn
Beneficial Bacteria and Microbes
High availability of Nutrients
& Minerals

Our Products - The Great Benefits of Organic Worm Castings...

Our Castings are Organic and Odor Free: Castings are not altered! They come directly from the worm. There is no odor, so you can use it directly from the bag on indoor plants.

Castings are available directly from us -
Please call: 224-372-5054
email: lakecountyorganics@gmail.com
or visit our online store:

1lb   bag: $  2.95
5lb   bag: $  9.95
10lb bag: $14.95
30lb bag: $29.95

Bulk: Please call for pricing on 1 yard bulk bags

Distributors/or Soil Blenders, please call for quantity discounts on bulk bags.


Improves Soil Structure: Worm castings are cylindrically shaped pellets that resist compaction and keep the soil loose. This allows root growth space and promotes excellent drainage.

Will Not Burn: You never have to worry about over fertilizing

Beneficial Bacteria and Microbes: Worm castings contain high concentrations of beneficial bacteria and microbes from the earthworm digestive tract. These microscopic organisms create healthy, living soil for optimum growth.

High Availability of Nutrients and Minerals: The earthworm digestive tract uniformly mixes the nutrients and trace minerals found in the soil so plants can easily absorb and use these substances as needed. In addition to containing Nitrogen, castings also contain small amounts of Phosphorus. Potassium, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Boron, Copper, Zinc and Manganese.

Contain Plant Growth Hormones: Worm castings naturally contain Auxins and Cytokinins, growth hormones which enhance plant roots.


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