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About Us - Who we are and what we do...

Lake County Organics, located in Lake County Illinois, was started in the summer of 2009 by Heather Ferguson and Alan Grossman. We focus on living an organic lifestyle, and decided we wanted to support the growing needs of organic farmsers and citizens who wanted a natural source of fertilizer for ll of their gorwing needs.

Castaway Soil Enhancer was born out of our desire toserve gardeners and farmers large and small! Our worm castings will help promote the growth of all of your flowers, vegetables, lawns, vinyards as well as help restore balance to depleated soils!

Worm castings provide many benefits including soil areation, creating root space, increasing beneficial microbes which help plants to readily absorb nutrients provided by the castings and the surrounding soils. Studies have demonstrated that the use of worm castings can decrease fungal and pest problems in food and flower crops. Plants in healthy soild are better able to fight disease.

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Castaway Soil Enhancer...
Castaway harmful and harsh chemical fertilizers!
Return balnace and life to your soil and all of your growing needs.
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