Our Twisted Spin on Gourmet Snacks


*A Twisted Blend of Sugar n Spice and the Finest Quality Nuts, Create a Unique Gourmet Snack Food that is sure to satisfy.* * Indulging Chocolate Candies to delight your sweet cravings.*

Spiced Gourmet Mixed Nuts
in Mild, Medium & Hot: High Quality Nuts coated with our Secret Blend of Spices, slow roasted to lock in the amazing sweet or spicy flavors. After roasting, we intensify the flavor by adding Premium Dried Cranberries. Find your favorite by trying all three!

~Basic Gourmet Mixed Nuts (Plain, no seasonings): Superb Quality Peanuts, Cashews, Almonds, Pecan Pieces & Pistachios gently tossed together with Sweet Dried Cranberries making our Basic Gourmet Mixed Blend Nuts irresistibly delicious.

~Candied Walnuts: Premium Quality Walnuts, brown sugar and cinnamon slow roasted to lock in the sweet enticing taste. These treats are a Holiday Favorite.

~Hot Spicy Just Peanuts:
Premium Quality Peanuts with a zing of cayenne for an outstanding kick your taste buds will savor! We dare you…

~Honey Almonds: Roasted Quality Almonds golden and sweet. Coated in honey, tossed in sugar and lightly salted for a crunchy Sweet & Salty Snack you can’t put down.


~Dark Chocolate Truffles: We create our Truffles in the traditional Swiss manner. Our Ganache is a mixture of Bittersweet and Semi-Sweet Chocolate to give just the right creamy taste. We take this decadent mixture and infuse with a splash of Kahlua. Our Truffles are then hand rolled in Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder for the Ultimate Chocolate Experience. These make great gifts for any occasion.

~Caramel Turtles: Gooey Caramel poured over some of our Pecans Halves and drizzled with Gourmet Milk Chocolate. Now available in three box sizes, get yours today.

~Carmel and Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Sticks:

~Chocolate Covered Pretzels: We take mini pretzels and cover them with Gourmet Milk Chocolate. These are a great snack for everyone to love.

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